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50 anni, 1967 - 2017

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Electric Round DC Elektro Series cylinders update

The Electric Round DC Elektro Series cylinder line has been updated and revised by introducing the following optimizations:

  • replacement of the versions with 20 mm pitch screws with more performing versions having 25 mm pitch screws; in this way it is possible to increase the speed of the cylinders with long lead screw;
  • improved performance of the versions with 4 mm pitch screws, which can now push with more force;
  • the new versions allow the possibility to replace the motor for maintenance (while in the previous versions the replacement of the motor was very difficult);
  • the geared versions have a sturdy belt system with aluminum pulleys, while the previous ones had a gear transmission with a technopolymer toothed wheel;
  • the new versions allow also the use of Square type sensors;
  • all versions will have a resettable fuse in order to avoid problems of overheating and motor breakage (versions without fuses could be ordered as special items);
  • minimum stroke 30 mm for all versions;
  • the versions with 12 VDC motors (having low consumption) get removed from the catalogue, but could still be ordered as special products;
  • the revision of the project and the related optimization were carried out also in view of a cost reduction which gets reflected in the list prices, definitely lower.

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